carlsberg A/S terminates dnatols

The owner of the copyright to dnatools, Carlsberg A/S, Copenhagen, decided to terminate supporting dnatools and requested me to hand over the source code as well as all additional information relating to dnatools when I left the company May 1. 2002. Thenote published by Carlsberg A/S specifically states that Carlsberg A/S do not wish to continue supporting dnatools and that they have no plans for further development of the program.

Software for sequence analysis do, however, require continued maintenance to keep up with the dynamic evolution of this field. Since my departure from Carlsberg, NCBI, for example, terminated their support of the email-based blast search and information retrieval with Entrez which served as the basis of the automated sequence annotation functions, some of the very powerful features of dnatools.


I decided to take advantage of the experience I have achieved over the past six years from the work with dnatools to write a new software suite, SEQtools, for sequence analysis.

As Carlsberg A/S requested me to hand over the source code to dnatools as well as my notes, backups etc., SEQtools has been written from scratch. This has been a major task which is not yet fully completed. The program has, however, reached a state where I believe it may serve as a useful replacement for dnatools.

I have enjoyed the pleasure of communicating with a large number of dnatools users around the world from whom I have received invaluable support, inspiration and help in improving the program over the years.

In writing the new software package, SEQtools, I have drawn extensively on this information in trying to implement many of the proposals I have received from patient users.


I wish to express my sincere thanks to my patient wife Nina Rasmussen, and to my daughter Mette Fairgrieve and son Morten Wilken who helped me setting up the SEQtools homepage.

I would also like to express my sincere thanks to the staff at NCBI who, in addition to providing the scientific community with high quality data and software, also find the time to respond to user inquiries with a never failing kindness, patience and competence.

the future...

I hope you will enjoy using SEQtools and that the same fruitful relationship between the author and the users that was built while dnatools lived, can be revived with this software package.

Copenhagen, October 31., 2002