SEQtools downloads

Seqtools version 8.4 is now available for free for students.

The old version 8.2 is no longer available for downloading.

setup or update ?

The download page contains files both for installing seqtools for the first time and files for updating an existing installation without performing a full installation of the program. You will also find links to supplementary stand-alone programs which communicate directly with seqtools.

how Do I keep my registration alive ?

You can use SEQtools 8.4 free of charge for as long as you wish if you keep your registration alive by confirming the registration every 60 days.

when can I expect to receive my new license agreement ?

Even though I normally issue licenses the same day I receive your request I may be out of my office and thus unable to renew your license immediately after receiving the request. In case you havn't received your license agreement within a few days please send me an email and explain the situation.

Visitwww.seqtools.dkregularly to stay updated