SEQtools registration

The extended demo period is now 60 days which implies that you must renew your free student license every two months to continue using seqtools.

I usually issue student licenses once a week so please do not wait until the last day before renewing.

why do I have to register my copy of seqtools?

It is important that I know who are using seqtools to be able to contact users in case serious bugs are detected. This has happened on several occasions where users were notified immediately after the problem was identified.

why do I have to repeat my registration?

In your own interest I need to have updated information about email addresses of all users enabling me to contact users. In addition, it is interesting for me to know who are actually using he program regularly. I consider this a modest inconvenience for having access to a fairly comprehensive program package for free.

what happens if I do not keep my registration active?

If you fail to renew your license before the 60 days have elapsed, seqtools will stop working. Data generated by seqtools can be viewed with a simple ascii text viewer such as Notepad.

This, however, will not preserve the seqtools-specific formatting. If you have saved your data as compressed multi-sequence files it is not possible to retrieve the contents of the compressed file. Entering valid license information will immediately restore seqtools function.