1. 4.15.1  about seqtools help (general comments)
  2. 4.15.2  search for help on...
  3. 4.15.3  how to...
  4. 4.15.4  registration (entering registration information)
  5. 4.15.5  seqtools homepage
  6. 4.15.6  seqtools web manual
  7. 4.15.7  animated demos
  8. 4.15.8  seqtools configuration (updating program and external programs)
  9. 4.15.9  about seqtools
  10. 4.15.10  post bug report (news letters)

4.15.1 about seqtools help

The help menu includes various items related  registration, help options etc.

4.15.2 search for help on...

The index form of the context sensitive help. Press the <F1> key to access this help. In most cases the descriptions are fairly correct. And if not then try the web manual. If everything fails, you are always welcome to contact me at swr@seqtools.dk and I will try my best to solve your problem. Normally you can expect an answer within a few days - often the same day.

SEQtools context sensitive help form.

4.15.3 how to...

The context sensitive help includes six short descriptions of how to perform various tasks in SEQtools. Unfortunately the descriptions have not been revised for a long time and may thus not be correct in all details. This problem will be handled at a later stage.

4.15.4 registration

The SEQtools form for entering registration information and a direct link to the website for getting a license agreement.

This warning is issued before displaying the form for entering registration information. As stated in the message, be sure to save all project information before entering registration information. Incorrect information causes SEQtools to closed without further warnings when you click Accept or Exit.

The form to enter registration information from your license agreement. Be sure to enter the information exactly as in the agreement. Both user name and the registration key are case and space sensitive.

Message box displayed when incorrect information is entered in the form above and Accept is clicked.

Message box displayed when incorrect information is entered in the form above and Exit is clicked.

4.15.5 seqtools homepage

Direct links to the SEQtools homepage, the SEQtools history page and to Frequently asked questions.

4.15.6 seqtools web manual

Direct link to the web manual.

4.15.7 animated demos

My ambition has been for long time to write more animated demos. This may happen rainy day in the future...

4.15.8 seqtools configuration

This form lists currently available auxiliary programs, both NCBI and emboss programs as well as external programs (GeneDoc and TreeView). The same form is used if you need to update SEQtools or the auxiliary and emboss programs.  Finally the form includes a utility Data from old seqtools folders which causes SEQtools to scan your hard disk for data files from previous installations of SEQtools.

When downloading and installing updates (SEQtools, auxiliary and emboss programs)  be sure to follow the instructions carefully.

4.15.9 about seqtools

The SEQtools about form listing SEQtools version, user name and license type. For student licenses the number of days left of the license period is given as well as the version covered by the license.

4.15.10 post bug report

The bug report form. It is a great help in correcting bugs that you give me as many details as possible,  preferably a precise description of how to reproduce the error.

Often I receive descriptions like: "When I used SEQtools yesterday it behaved very strangely. Could you please have a look at this problem". Obviously this kind of descriptions makes it extremely difficult to localise a potential problem.

Identifying hard-to-find problems may require that you send me the sequence giving rise to the misbehaviour.  In such cases your sequences are deleted immediately after the problem is corrected to avoid confidentiality problems.

In nearly all cases a bug, properly described, is corrected immediately and an updated version of SEQtools is made available on the download page of the web.

At irregular intervals a newsletter is issued. This happens mostly when a serious bug is detected (and normally) corrected to give users a chance to update and thus avoid wasting time on a SEQtools version containing a known bug.

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