SEQtools and its predecessor DNAtools have been around for a very long time. The DNAtools program was originally written to carry out batch changing of sequence file names when I joined the European consortium responsible of determining the complete nucleotide sequence of bakers yeast. At that time I had no experience writing computer programs and decided to try Visual Basic as a programming language in the hope that this language was a bit more friendly to a novice.

A number of people have patiently assisted me in solving various problem both relating to programming and to more scientific questions. I would especially like to mention: Mads Siggaard Andersen, an expert in Pascal programming who patiently explained a number of mysteries in the logics of building a computer program. Kjeld Olesen, who began writing a computer program, pDraw32 for pladmid construction.

My professor Diter von Wettstein who did not understand much about software development, but provided unlimited moral and financial support during the initial phases of the programming project. Finn Lok, with his never failing optimism tested numerous versions of the program and constantly insisted to continue using it.

Over the years a number of DNAtools and later SEQtools users patiently accepted one bug after the other and patiently served as test pilots reporting strange behaviour of the programs back to its depressed author. At times there was a new version almost daily fixing fatal bugs.

At the moment SEQtools has about 5.000 users all over the world. Judging from the number of complaints I receive, a considerable number of the early bugs have finally been killed. As a matter of fact I only receive bug reports at very long intervals, which I optimistically interpret s an indication that SEQtools now has reached a state where it works fairly reliably.

Finally, I would like thank my patient wife Nina who patiently have been studying my back while I have been sitting deeply concentrated in front of my PC repairing bugs - and listning to my collection of jazz records and CD's.

Soeren W. Rasmussen, Flintinge, Denmark 11. September 2007

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