SEQtools - a program suite for sequence analysis
Seqtools is a large collection of tools for basic and advanced analyses of nucleotide and protein sequences. The tools are wrapped into a common user interface making handling, storage, retrieval and viewing the results easy and logical.

A seqtools project can accommodate many thousand sequences making unattended batch
  analyses like database searching at NCBI painless with the robust search engine
      included in seqtools.

         If you are a student you can use seqtools free of charge for as long as you wish while senior scientists are expected to purchase a full license to the program when the 60 days trial period expires.
Some seqtools features...
Standard programs like Clustal, Muscle, T-Coffee, TreeView, the NCBI collection of programs and a few Emboss functions are fully integrated into seqtools.

In addition a large number of features are included for smooth data handling and storage.

Have a look at the web manual and the screen shoots to get an impression of the program. If you wish to try it out, download and install the program - its free.
latest update: 8.4.071
september 2012